Suncorp New Zealand supports first NZ Pay Gap Registry

8 March 2022

Suncorp New Zealand has supported the publication of New Zealand’s first gender pay gap registry, publishing its NZ-specific pay gap and women in leadership data for the first time. 

Catherine Dixon, Executive General Manager People & Culture at Suncorp New Zealand, says that while gender pay gap and pay equity have been a focus of Suncorp’s diversity and inclusion strategy for many years, the New Zealand figures have previously only been reported as part of parent company Suncorp Group’s membership of WGEA.

“We’re very proud to be featured in the Pay Gap Registry as an organisation that discloses our gender pay gap, as a way of being transparent about the journey we are on towards greater fairness and inclusivity,” says Dixon.

“Suncorp New Zealand aspires to be an open, inclusive and accessible employer,” she says. “An important part of having a diverse workforce is ensuring that our people are fairly paid and have access to development opportunities and higher paying roles, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality or any other factor.”

The Pay Gap Registry, published on the 49th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, aims to encourage all organisations to commit to pay gap reporting for their workplace to drive towards an Aotearoa where everyone is paid fairly for their work. 

“Measuring and reporting our gender pay gap and pay equity data shines a light on this issue and enables us to work more effectively to create a fairer workplace,” says Dixon. 

She says that Suncorp New Zealand has taken a number of steps in recent years to address pay gaps in recent years including openly publishing pay bands, setting targets for women in leadership roles and conducting comprehensive gender pay equity analyses every year. 

Suncorp New Zealand has targets to continually reduce its gender pay gap1, and also aims, in accordance with the Equal Pay Act, to have no cases of gender pay inequity2 that cannot be explained by genuine factors such as experience or performance.

1 The gender pay gap measures the difference between average earnings of women and men in the workforce and is an established measure of womens’ position in the economy in comparison to men. Suncorp calculates Gender Pay Gap using the WGEA methodology– the average annual earnings of men and women in the workforce, excluding the role of CEO.

2 Gender Pay Equity refers to males and females in the same role being paid equitably. Suncorp’s target is to have no cases of gender pay inequity that cannot be explained by genuine factors such as experience, capabilities or performance.

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