Corporate Responsibility

Here for Good

For Suncorp New Zealand, corporate responsibility is about taking a long-term approach to running our business to ensure it is ‘Here for Good’. This means considering the social, environmental and economic risks and opportunities that we face as a business, so we can act now to create a better today.

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Our Principles

Our corporate responsibility framework is based on four key principles which support our purpose to ‘create a better today’ for the long term.

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Trust and Transparency

We are committed to building trust and doing the right thing. We are open and transparent in our dealings with our stakeholders.

We report our social, environmental and economic performance, and proactively address the issues that matter most to our stakeholders.

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Responsible Financial Services

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do and help them make good choices.

We support vulnerable New Zealanders by providing affordable and accessible insurance solutions while continuously developing products and services that foster financial inclusion.

  • Our Financial Inclusion Action Plan supports our focus on improving products and services for vulnerable customers, keeping insurance affordable and growing New Zealand’s financial capability.
  • We are working with our corporate and joint venture partners to develop new and accessible insurance offerings, like AA Small Business Insurance.

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Sustainable Growth

We seek to innovate and optimise economic, social and environmental outcomes throughout our business and value chain.

Our innovative insurance solutions support social and economic growth and a low carbon environment.

  • We have a Climate Change Action Plan to address the risks and opportunities of climate change to our operations, customers, suppliers, investments and community.
  • Our Responsible Investment Policy guides how we address environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities in our investment practices.
  • We are members of the Climate Leaders Coalition, to help New Zealand transition to a low emissions economy and create a positive future for New Zealanders, business and the economy.

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Resilient People and Communities

We respect human rights and invest in the wellbeing and resilience of our people and communities.

We are helping to build a resilient workforce and society by ensuring our employees have access to learning opportunities to build their capability for the future, while also establishing community initiatives and partnerships that build economic prosperity and natural hazard resilience.

  • We have a clear strategy for giving our employees the opportunity to support their personal resilience including our Future of Work Academy, regular secondment and rotation opportunities and a comprehensive safety and wellbeing program.
  • Our Brighter Futures programme enables our people to give back to their communities through matched giving, payroll giving, and free volunteer leave. 
  • Our Diversity and Inclusion plan is a roadmap to support gender equality, age and cultural diversity and inclusion within our workforce. 
  • We’re building social resilience by supporting our community partners, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren and Shine, which help to foster a more connected, diverse and inclusive society.

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