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Suncorp New Zealand joins Sustainable Business Council

15 November 2018

Suncorp New Zealand has this week announced that it has joined the Sustainable Business Council (SBC), as part of its commitment to corporate responsibility and its strategy to create a better today for its stakeholders.

Suncorp New Zealand CEO Paul Smeaton said the memberships signals Suncorp’s desire to be a sustainable business, and to address issues that are affecting New Zealanders, such as climate change, social inequality and financial exclusion.

“We are committed to New Zealand and New Zealanders, but we recognise that we can’t solve every sustainability issue effectively on our own. We’re excited to join the SBC and work with other New Zealand businesses on solutions,” said Smeaton.



The SBC aims to make sustainability easy and aspirational for New Zealand businesses, and to mainstream business practices that are good for people, communities, the environment and the economy. It is New Zealand’s only global partner for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

“We’re delighted to welcome Suncorp New Zealand and its brands to our community of members and look forward to helping them on their journey to create positive change,” said Abbie Reynolds, Executive Director at SBC.

“Suncorp’s vision, purpose and desire to be here for good for all New Zealanders match our desire to help businesses be the best for New Zealand and the world. We hope that their commitment to sustainability will inspire other businesses, including the suppliers and partners they work with, toward more sustainable practices.”

Suncorp New Zealand’s corporate responsibility plan leverages the Suncorp Group Corporate Responsibility framework and focusses on four key pillars, but Smeaton said Suncorp will work collaboratively with New Zealand organisations to develop initiatives that are relevant to local communities.

“One of the great advantages in joining the SBC is the continual access to the latest in sustainability thinking which will help us tremendously during our corporate responsibility journey,” said Smeaton.

The announcement follows Suncorp’s announcement earlier in 2018 that it had selected Shine and Grandparents Raising Grandchildren as the local community partners for its Brighter Futures programme. Smeaton said that while the Brighter Futures programme will continue, it represents just one part of the broader corporate responsibility plan that Suncorp is working on.

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