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Suncorp New Zealand completes claims assessments in Kaikoura area

14 September 2017

Suncorp New Zealand said today it had completed all claims assessments in the Kaikoura area, and closed the temporary office it set up for customers following the November 2016 earthquake.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake caused severe damage to local businesses and people in Kaikoura, and Vero was on the ground immediately following the earthquake to help its customers.

Executive General Manger of Claims, Jimmy Higgins, said the temporary Kaikoura office provided a place for people in and around Kaikoura to come in and discuss their claims, face-to-face.

“The months following an earthquake are an unsettling time for our customers and they often have questions, want to schedule assessments or need help completing their claims,” said Mr Higgins.

Suncorp New Zealand which includes Vero, and AA Insurance - a joint venture between the New Zealand Automobile Association and Vero - received over 9000 claims following the earthquake on 14 November 2016, including over 300 residential dwelling claims in and around Kaikoura.

Suncorp has assessed all the residential dwellings in the Kaikoura area and has settled or made offers to settle 70% of those claims.

“We’re proud that we have completed all of our assessments in the Kaikoura region, and that we have again shown we are there for our customers in the moments that matter,” said Mr Higgins.

Mr Higgins said Suncorp has now completed over 90% of assessments for customers affected by the Kaikoura earthquake and is on track to complete remaining assessments by the end of October. It will have largely settled all claims by the end of the year.

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