Suncorp New Zealand extends parental leave offerings

11 July 2023

Suncorp New Zealand have extended their parental leave offerings for employees with the addition of a ‘Financial Baby Prep Program’ to help expecting parents prepare financially for when baby arrives. 

Suncorp New Zealand is the first company in Aotearoa to put a cohort of employees through the program, which is provided through financial wellness platform, Crayon.

The insurer is offering this course free to employees as part of their parental leave benefit.

Suncorp New Zealand Executive General Manager for People and Culture, Catherine Dixon, says the company wants to empower their employees to make informed financial decisions during important life events, such as starting a family. 

“We really pride ourselves on fostering overall wellbeing, both in the workplace and at home.”

This financial antenatal course is a comprehensive online program which focusses on equipping new parents with the necessary financial knowledge and skills to navigate the challenges and responsibilities with starting a family. 

The program covers a wide range of topics, including estimating how a family's income will change during parental leave, budgeting for baby-related expenses, and managing family finances for both short-term and long-term goals. 

Dixon says, “caring for others is one of the values at Suncorp New Zealand and we are committed to supporting our people during this time.

“We want our people to feel ready to step into parenthood and this course will give them the tools and resources needed to create a solid financial foundation for their growing whānau.”

Annabelle Thompson, Tribe Lead – Digital Connectivity for Suncorp New Zealand is expecting her first child later this year and is currently completing the Baby Prep Program. Thompson says this tool has been invaluable and has helped her whānau prepare for what’s to come.  

“I think it’s great that Suncorp New Zealand have introduced this offering. There are costs that are indirectly related to having a child which aren’t obvious in the beginning, so it’s been great to be able to cover these with my husband able to join too. It was great that my husband could dial into the sessions so we both got to benefit from Suncorp’s offering. A real win for our family, I know this course will be helpful for others.”

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