Suncorp New Zealand announces a new 100% renewable energy provider – steps toward net-zero target

18 July 2023

Suncorp New Zealand is happy to announce Ecotricity as the new utility provider for 12 Suncorp New Zealand office spaces across Aotearoa.

Sustainability is a key focus for Suncorp New Zealand and this change in provider has meant the offices are now running on 100% renewable and sustainable power. 

Executive Manager, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Suncorp New Zealand, Carly Orr says, the insurer is proud to continue on their sustainability journey and inch closer to the company’s net-zero target. 

As announced in September 2022, the insurer brought forward their Scope 1 & 2 net-zero target by 20 years to 2030.

“Switching to a provider who have 100 per cent renewable Toitū Climate Positive energy is a great step toward meeting our target. That’s something we can feel really good about. 

“Our team are continually reviewing how our business is impacting the environment, which is important to help us meet our sustainability goals.”

The relationship with Ecotricity means the company no longer has to purchase renewable energy certificates to offset emissions as was previously done. The fully renewable electricity provided by Ecotricity comes with no associated emissions, as the emissions associated with this electricity have been measured, reduced where possible and offset.

Ecotricity are New Zealand’s first and only Toitū Climate Positive certified electricity provider. Climate Positive certified means Ecotricity only purchase energy from specific wind, hydro and solar generation sites.  These sites have been measured against the United Nations based protocol ISO14067 standard.

Orr says, as the insurer works toward their 2030 target, they will focus on meeting their mandatory climate related disclosure requirements as well as contributing to the Suncorp Group focus of anti-modern slavery. 

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