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Olivia Panzic talks about stepping into a new specialty at Suncorp

10 October 2018

Tell us about the role you’re in now?

I’m a Campaign Consultant in Suncorp New Zealand’s Customer Communications and Campaigns team. We focus on creating great customer experiences across our brands, and using internal and external data to develop customer campaigns, and implement them through marketing automation tools and techniques. 

How has your role changed since you’ve been at Suncorp? 

I started out as an adviser in the Corporate Affairs space, but over time I realised I was more passionate about how Suncorp can use technology to deliver timely and relevant customer communications.

Suncorp enabled me to take a step sideways into a new role, and has provided access to experts, external training and experience that have enabled me to grow and develop my skills in digital, automation and marketing.

What development support did you receive to help you into a new career path? 

The culture in our team is very much about focussing on the work that will add the most value for our business and our customers.

While I was in the corporate affairs team, my manager allowed me to take on projects that would traditionally have been seen as outside of my job description, which gave me exposure to the marketing, brand, customer culture, insights and digital areas of our business. 

What are some of the challenges you've faced in your role? 

I think the main challenge is staying on top of all the new technology. It’s really important to fully understand what a platform is capable of in order to deliver the best experiences for your customers, and get the most value out of your work and your tools.

What opportunities for development or change are you looking for in the future? 

I’ve recently stepped into the Campaign Consultant role, so my focus at the moment is to gain a deeper understanding of not only the marketing automation platform we use, but also the insights that shape the campaigns we build.

For the future, I’m keen to learn more about experience design through innovation and experimentation, and being able to collaborate with a range of people from across Suncorp!

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