How Suncorp New Zealand is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions

24 July 2019

Last year Suncorp New Zealand joined the Climate Leaders Coalition, and committed to reporting and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to targets in line with New Zealand’s proposed Zero Carbon Bill. 

In 2018 Suncorp New Zealand reported its emissions for the first time, and this August it will be reporting reduction progress in the Suncorp Responsible Business Report.

“Being part of the Climate Leaders Coalition represents our desire to create a positive future for New Zealanders, and we’re proud that our emissions so far are on track to meet our proposed targets,” said Suncorp New Zealand CEO Paul Smeaton. 

“Today marks the first anniversary of the Climate Leaders Coalition, and we’re celebrating by reflecting on the work we’ve done so far to help New Zealand tackle climate change and transition to a low emissions economy.”

Over the past 12 months, Suncorp New Zealand has taken the following steps to meet emissions targets:

Reducing our environmental footprint

  • Reduced electricity emissions by consolidating our real estate footprint
  • Reduced our travel emissions through a focus on flexible working and technology such as Skype for Business
  • Reduced our transport emissions by optimising our vehicle fleet and fuel consumption 
  • Saved on paper usage through the digitisation of customer documentation. 

Investing responsibly 

  • Meeting our Responsible Investment Policy guidelines to ensure that we address environmental risks and opportunities of our investments
  • Investing more in impact investments such as renewable energy infrastructure, climate change adaption and mitigation innovations
  • Under this Policy, we do not directly invest in new thermal coal mining extraction projects, or new thermal coal electricity generation.

Working with those who share our commitments 

  • Working with suppliers on sustainable initiatives
  • Developing a Supplier Code of Practice to outline - and support our suppliers to meet - our expectations for sustainable, responsible, fair and ethical business practices.

“We are committed to doing the right thing by our customers, communities and people, and that includes conducting business in a way that protects and sustains our environment for current and future generations,” said Smeaton. 

“We’re proud to be part of the Climate Leaders Coalition and to reflect on the work that this group of businesses has done in the past year to build a more resilient New Zealand.”

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