Suncorp steps up support for customers affected by COVID-19

9 April 2020

Suncorp New Zealand has put a comprehensive suite of options in place to support Vero and Asteron Life insurance customers experiencing financial hardship as a direct result of COVID-19. 

Suncorp New Zealand CEO Paul Smeaton says the economic effects of the pandemic are likely to be felt by customers and New Zealand businesses for some time to come and insurance will be an important part of their financial resilience toolkit. 

“We know some will be doing it hard at the moment so we’re putting practical support in place to help them get through.”

Support options are available for Vero’s personal, business and commercial customers, while Asteron Life has assistance available to help COVID-19 affected customers manage their life insurance.  

“No two customers have the same needs, so we’ve put together a range of solutions to help protect the things they care about. This includes COVID-19 specific affordability options and taking a pragmatic approach to the insurance challenges businesses face while working from home and leaving their premises unoccupied.”

The solutions available can range from changes to the structure of cover through to payment flexibility options depending on a customer’s specific circumstances.

“A great example is the parked-up cover option available to Vero customers who have a vehicle that’s no longer being used. We’re also reassuring customers they can still make a claim even if their drivers’ licence or WOF expires during lockdown, although naturally they still need to renew these as soon as practical after the level four restrictions end.”


Suncorp New Zealand CEO Paul Smeaton

Vero’s business customers may also have the following options available to them, depending on their situation:

  • Premium reductions for commercial vehicles no longer in use
  • Full cover continuation for unoccupied business premises
  •  Increased cover for working from home situations
  • Temporary removal of exclusion for unattended construction sites

Mr Smeaton says the first step toward support lies in customers speaking to their broker or financial adviser. Alternatively, customers can contact Vero or Asteron Life directly via their websites.

“We are here for the moments that matter. Right now, our focus is on finding practical solutions for our customers to help support their ongoing financial resilience.”

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