Mixing urgency with good decision making

By Sinead Horgan

17 October 2017

Earlier this month I took part in a panel session for Suncorp New Zealand’s Risk to Reward programme, and one of the things we talked about was the speed of change for businesses in Christchurch.

Making good decisions fast is often critical for business success, but many business owners are worried that speed hinders their ability to make good choices.

Mixing urgency with good decision making

In the new post-earthquake Christchurch, many businesses I deal with feel much more confident about making good decisions fast.

It’s partly because they have gained experience making decisions very quickly because they had to. For example, if your premises get shut down, you need new premises – fast.

But I think the reason that Christchurch businesses are more confident about their decision-making is that they now know, much more clearly than some other businesses around New Zealand, what their priorities really are.

Outside of staff and customers, and at the heart of every business, there are only three or four drivers that make the business successful.

These drivers are what make your business profitable.  Get those right, and you succeed.  Know them well and you can make big decisions about your business quickly – just by deciding how the choice impacts customers, staff and those key drivers.

The rest is truly sweating the small stuff.

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