Support for Customers Experiencing Vulnerability

In each of our lives, there are times when circumstances make us vulnerable.

For some, vulnerability could result from a major milestone like a new home or baby. For others, it may stem from an unpredictable challenge such as a natural disaster or the loss of a loved one.

Whatever the reason, if you’re experiencing vulnerability then getting the right assistance will make a big difference.

Doing the right thing for our customers is a key pillar of Suncorp New Zealand’s approach and values. When things are difficult or when things go wrong is the very time to focus on our customers’ wellbeing, to ensure they can depend on the insurance cover we provide and to provide our customers pathways for additional support.

That’s why Suncorp New Zealand has partnered with specialist Kiwi community support services in developing a comprehensive approach to help customers who are experiencing vulnerability.

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What do we mean by ‘vulnerability’?

At Suncorp New Zealand, we define customer vulnerability as:

When a customer’s personal circumstances and characteristics mean they need special support, care, or protection to ensure they receive the best possible experiences and outcome.

We understand vulnerability is broad and complex.

To better identify when customers may need additional support, we have developed the below vulnerability profiles. Although it doesn’t cover every potential contributor to vulnerability, we use it as a guide to help identify opportunities to support our customers.



Our partnerships with community support services

To ensure we are doing the best for our customers, we have partnered with trusted Kiwi community support services.

With them, we have been able to provide training to all our employees and given them the confidence and skill to be able to identify vulnerability in their interactions with customers. Where vulnerability is identified, we are able to work with the customer to understand their needs and the best way to support them through our processes while giving them pathways for additional support.

Our community support service partners, through generously sharing their expertise with us and working with us to implement our customers experiencing vulnerability framework, are enabling us to recognise indicators of customers that may need additional help, sensitively explore options with them around ways we can better support them and, where there could be benefit, put them in touch with specialist community support services for further assistance.


Shine provides a range of effective, practical and innovative services in its mission to stop domestic abuse in New Zealand.

Lifeline Aotearoa provides helplines and a text support service for people in a state of distress, as well as people concerned about someone they know.

Age Concern New Zealand is a charity dedicated to people over 65, their friends and whānau.

Good Shepherd NZ is a charity that supports better futures for women, girls and families experiencing disadvantage in New Zealand.

MoneyTalks is a free and confidential financial helpline that can connect you with financial mentors and other community services.


Are you experiencing vulnerability?

If you’re a Suncorp customer experiencing vulnerability, please let us know and we will do our best to support you. Click here to contact us.