Support for customers experiencing vulnerability

In each of our lives, there are times when circumstances make us vulnerable.

For some, vulnerability could result from a major milestone like a new home or baby. For others, it may stem from an unpredictable challenge such as a natural disaster or the loss of a loved one.

Whatever the reason, if you’re experiencing vulnerability then getting the right assistance will make a big difference.

Doing the right thing for our customers is a key pillar of Suncorp New Zealand’s approach and values. When things are difficult or when things go wrong is the very time to focus on our customers’ wellbeing and provide our customers with pathways for additional support.


Our approach

We have an inclusive definition of vulnerability

At Suncorp New Zealand, we define vulnerability as: "When a customer's personal circumstances and characteristics mean they need special support, care or protection to ensure they receive the best possible experiences and outcome".

Our vulnerability profiles help us identify where extra support might be needed


Our approach in action

Supporting customers after the 2023 North Island severe weather events


Professional support services

Vero Support and Asteron Life Support

Vero Support and Asteron Life Support is our referral service for customers experiencing vulnerability. It’s tailored to meet individual customer needs, and can include counselling support, connection to additional external community support services and government support agencies and follow up wellbeing check in phone calls.

We’ve partnered with Presbyterian Support Northern to deliver the service, drawing on their network of services including Lifeline. The service is confidential and free to customers.

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