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Where: Australia

How much: $44,000

What: Medical Expenses - Blocked Carotid Artery

Why: Mr. Roberts, from Tauranga, was hospitalised in Australia, after losing the sight in one eye and some memory. He was staying with his son?s family in Adelaide at the time. He was admitted to hospital and they performed a cat scan, which found that he had a blocked carotid artery, and required surgery before he was able to fly back to NZ. Under the public health system the surgery could not be done in Australia for 6 weeks. His insurance would therefore have had to cover his meals and accommodation for that period and alter his original flight or we could opt to have the surgery performed privately and fly the client back to NZ as soon as possible. The company chose to have this surgery performed in a private hospital and fly the client back to NZ with a doctor escort when he was discharged.